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7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards
7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards
7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards
7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards

Albaraka Türk now provides you with one more way to simplify your life. When you go shoppping, you can pay with your Albaraka Türk VISA Electron card, rather than using cash. You can also access your money at ATMs rather than visiting one of our branches.

7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards
7/24 Albaraka Bank Cards
  • You can access your TL, USD, and EURO checking accounts by simply entering your password at POS payment machines and ATMs around the world. You can withdraw your TL, USD, and EURO funds seven days a week, 24 hours a day and make money orders and foreign exchange transactions.
  • You can make all your transactions without going to a branch location, too. Night or day, on weekends or holidays; you can get service anytime you wish by using an Albaraka Türk ATM.

  • You can use your Albaraka Türk VISA Electron card for shopping and do away with the hassles of cash.

  • Make all our shopping payments easily and without any loss of time. You do not pay foreign Exchange commission costs when using your card abroad.Relying on your card instaed of cash eliminates all risks of lost or stolen money.

  • You can connect your Albaraka Türk VISA Electron card to up to nine separate accounts at different Albarak Türk branches.


OtherHow Can You Apply?

  • Bring your identity card to your nearest Albaraka Türk branch.
  • Services accessible through our 24-hour ATMs:
  • View your account information or account statement
  • Withdraw money from checking or participation accounts connected to your card
  • If you have foreign currency accounts, you can withdraw funds in USD or EUR
  • You can make purchase and sale transaction from your currency accounts
  • Check the account balance on your check ing or participation accounts
  • Make transfers between your own accounts or to another person’s account
  • Change your PIN code
  • How to shop with your Albaraka Türk bank card:The sales person will run your bank card through their credit card reading machine and enter the sum to be paid.
  • You should enter your ATM PIN code in the credit card reading machine on your own. Please do not tell your PIN code to anyone. Be cafeful not to show your code to anybody while entering it.
  • Sign the receipt.
  • The money from your account will be transferred to the business without any further action on your part.

How to set up a PIN code for your Albaraka Turk bank card:

Online Banking
(1) Call Albaraka Türk at 444 5 666.
(2) Choose ‘password transactions’ by dialing 2.
(3) Dial 3 to begin changing your PIN code.

Internet Banking
(1) Enter your user ID and Password.
(2) Choose “Password Transactions” from the options menu.
(3) Chose the menu of Bank Card Password Changing and appoint your password.
Please click to learn documents needed for Personal Internet Banking application.