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TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
TKBB Customer Complaints
TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form
Who can apply to arbitration committee ?

Only real persons can apply to arbitration committee because the activities of arbitration committee contains every kind of personal banking transactions that are not about transactions which are only oriented to real person bank customers.

TKBB Customer Complaints Referee Committee Information Form



  1. Please answer all the questions in this form so as to ease the operations of arbitration committee.
  2. Please fill this form in a readable way with blue or black ink and write your complaint in a brief and net way. Defining the conditions that your complaint occurred is very vital. (for example, exact date, whether it is the first time or not, what is it about, account number and type, attitude of the bank, the units of the bank that you complain about and what you expect from your bank and arbitration committee).
  3. All information regarding your complaint must be added to this form in order to investigate your complaint by arbitration committee.
  4. Sending the copies of all documents that are about your application with this form to arbitration committee is very necessary. (For example, agreement of opening an account, writings done with the bank, account extras… etc.). The complaint form you filled and the documents you added must be kept by you.
  5. If the topic is about a common account that is opened with someone else, this situation must be defined and this form must be signed by each of common account owners.
  6. If you are authorized to move for the name of one or more complaint owner, a written authorization document and sign declaration that are confirmed by related legal statues must be presented in the appendix for the investigation of complaint by arbitration committee (for example, signing the form, taking all the writings coming from arbitration committee, responding these writings, acceptance of the suggestions or ignorance… etc.). in such situation, you must openly define that you are doing the application for someone else in the form of complaint that you are going to give to arbitration committee. If the person who gets service from bank is dead, you have to add the determination of inheritance.
  7. After you completed this form, tuck it and put it in an envelope with other documents about task. Then, send it to arbitration committee.

Information brochure and customer complaints arbitration committee form is free of cash. You can obtain this form from banks, customer complaints arbitration secretary (Kısıklı Caddesi No: 24 Altunizade 34662 Üsküdar / İSTANBUL) or by internet. (


Arbitration committee is an independent union that is founded for investigating all disagreements between real people and participation member banks in a fair and opened way and for finding a peaceful solution.

Detailed information about the activities of arbitration committee is declared to public by annual activity report of committee.

What does the arbitration committee examine ?

The arbitration committee examines the complaints and disagreements about providing banking services (special current or application accounts, credits, cheque, cards etc) to real persons from bank.



How is the complaint application made ?

THE FİRST STEP to make complaint to arbitration committee is to present your complaint to general management or interested branch of the bank directly. The bank will always be ready to help you as its aim is to serve you in the best way.

A BIG PART OF THE CUSTOMER COMPLAİNTS are resolved in the bank.

In a situation that the answer given by the general management of the bank or interested branch is not found efficient, from the date the answer was given you can apply to the Arbitration committee by means of fulfilling the complaint form.

In case of a situation that in 30 days dating from you applied you did not get answer, you can apply to the Arbitration Committee by means of fulfilling the complaint form in 30 days dating from the end of this period.

DON’T FORGET, you are obliged to fulfill this form by defining your complaint in a clear and short way and send one each sample of all forms about this issue to arbitration committee.

Analysis of complaints

  • When the arbitration committee gets your complaint form, it informs you about it in writing immediately. If necessary, you can be wanted to give more information.
  • If your complaint is an issue that needs to be examined by the arbitration committee, the committee gives its decision to bank in thirty days from the date of application after examining the comments of the bank that is complained and in ten days conveys it to you and the general management of the interested bank justifiably,
  • In condition that from the date of the declaration of the case that the decision was accepted by the claimant or bank is not declared to committee in fifteen days, the decision is considered invalid by the claimant and bank. In condition that such a declaration is not made, the decision is considered valid by the claimant and bank.
  • The side’s rights of applying to judicial remedy about the complaints devolved to arbitration committee are kept secret.

DON’T FORGET, examining of the complaints by arbitration committee doesn’t stop the legal time limiting that is about devolution of the issue to the court or arbitrage.

How to contact with arbitration committee ?

You can reach the information regarding application to complain to arbitration committee procedure by 216 651 94 35 numbered phone line between 09:00 and 17:30 hours by dealing with arbitration committee secretary.

Which topics does not arbitration committee investigate ?

Arbitration committee investigates all complaints except from the ones that are defined below about banks. The complaints below are ignored by secretary even without informing arbitration committee.


a) The complaints about disputes occurred before the regulation of declarations,
b) The complaints that are not transmitted before the reply date or reply date’s finish of related branch or bank general chairmanship.
c) The ones that are not transmitted to committee before 20 days of learning the reason of the movement that is topic of the complaint
d) The complaints that are transferred to justice,
e) The complaints that are solved between customer and the bank,
f) The complaints that are occurred because of the usage of fund at the quality of trade by banks,
g) The ones that are about general attitudes of banks and their services,
h) The complaints that are about the decisions taken by banks that its bankrupt and purification is decided,
i) Complaints related to punishments regarding indictable offences.

Between the complaints, when the ones transferred to justice are learnt by arbitration committee, that time, the purpose of that committee is ended.

Do I have to make payment?
No. The services presented by arbitration committee are free from charge.