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Albaraka WorldCard Classic
Albaraka WorldCard Classic
Albaraka WorldCard Classic
Albaraka WorldCard Classic

Thank you for giving your close attention to our credit card. From now on, do your shopping without carrying around cash by using Albaraka Türk Master and Visa cards at shopping centers, hotels, holiday resorts, petrol stations, restaurants and other consumer locations in 220 countries around the world.

Albaraka WorldCard Classic
Albaraka WorldCard Classic

Why the Albaraka Türk Credit Card? Because the Albaraka Türk Credit Card is a very special card. It is a credit card, but a credit card free of interest. From now on, it is in your power to translate your hard work into peaceful shopping. Want to know how? You can demand the application form of credit card from authority of credit card by opening an account of current or participation in branch where you have account or the closest branch. Your demand will be utilized in the shortest time and put forward to your using credit card.

Albaraka Türk Master/Visa credit cards make your life easy; the Albaraka Türk Credit Card supports your income in a definite limit, gives you the chance to maximize your buying power, and rescues you from the trouble and risk of carrying cash. It provides modern comfort with its safety and ease of use both within Turkey and abroad.

When you have an Albaraka Türk Master/Visa Credit Card, you can request up to three additional cards for your relatives above the age of 18. To request additional cards or your own Albaraka Türk Master/Visa Credit Card, you can apply at your nearest Albaraka Türk branch.

Albaraka Türk will send a detailed bank statement including your expenditures and amount due to your address by mail every month. You can also access your credit card account statement easily through our 24-hour call center by dialing 444 5 666 or by visiting any Albaraka Türk branch.


Even if you pay your cost of shopping which you have made with Albaraka Türk Master/ Visa credit card on expiry date, you dont have to pay any additional price or commission.

You can contact our call center at 444 5 666 for more information.


Settting up your credit card PIN code

You can use the following methods to set your credit card’s PIN code.

Telphone banking

  • (1) Contact Albaraka Türk’s call center at 444 5 666.

  • (2) Choose password transactions by dialing ‘2’.

  • (3) You can set the PIN number for your credit card by dialing ‘3’.

Internet banking

  • (1) Enter customer number and password.

  • (2) Click on “set PIN number” from the options menu.

  • (3) Select “change credit card PIN” and set your password.

  • To activate your new PIN code:
    Your new PIN code will be activated when you use your card at an ATM with a Chip & PIN logo or at any retail location. However, the first time you enter your PIN number the operation will be ignored. When you do re-enter the number, it will be confirmed.

Note: You can also change your PIN number at any Albaraka Türk ATM or any Chip & PIN logo ATM.

Chip & PIN

The Chip & PIN Albaraka Türk Master/Visa credit card offers you a reliable shopping experience.

You can use your Albaraka Türk Master/Visa chip & PIN credit card by carefully entering your password. In order to avoid the risk of having your credit card information stolen, you can get your password by calling 444 5 666.

 Information on Monthly Statements and Using your Credit Card

Statement Date (*):
This indicates the day on which your statement was issued. Statements are issued monthly and on the same date each month.

Last statement date: This shows you the balance of your credit card for the period of this statement. If there is ‘+’ near this total, it means that this amount is owed to you.

Due Date (*):
This is the date by which you must pay your debt. The payment due date is nine days after the statement date. The payment due date may be one or two days later if it would otherwise fall on a holiday. If your account statement does not reach you before the payment due date, you can learn the payment due date by calling our 24-hour credit card customer service center.

Automated Fax Service:
In addition to the account statement we will mail to you every month, you can also request to have a statement faxed to you regularly by calling our customer service center.

Allocated Limit:
This shows the maximum ammount of credit available for your retail shopping with this credit card. Please be careful not to spend more than this amount.

Available Limit:
This shows the total amount remaining of your allocated limit after the purchases you made within the statement period.

Balance Transfer:
It is the last balance that is in your last account information table.

Account Registration Date:
It is the date that your spending is registered to your account.

Transaction Date:
This shows the date on which your transaction was processed.


Where can I make shopping with Albaraka Türk Master/Visa credit card?

You can make shopping in everywhere all around the world, millions of markets, hotels, restaurants, petroleum stations and many other working places that you see master visa sign with Albaraka Türk Master / Visa credit card without carrying Money with just a sign.

Does Albaraka Türk credit card customer pay any commission or installment?

You do not pay any additional cash or commission if you pay the balance of the shopping you have made on time.

Where can I make my credit card payments?

You can make your credit card payments from your account that has no fixed ter mor as cash by

  • Our Branches,
  • Automatic Payment Directive,
  • Internet Branches,
  • 444 5 666 Call Center,
  • Correspondent Bank Branch.
How can I follow my credit card expenses?

Your detailed account information tablet hat shows the total of the spending you have made and total that you have to pay will be posted to your address that you have defined every month. If you want, your account extra will be faxed to the number you have informed regularly every month. Also, by applying to the Albaraka Türk you are working with, you can learn your credit card situation by calling 444 5 666 Albaraka Türk or from internet branch.

What can I do when account information table does not reach to me?

You can learn your account information table from the channels below:

  • Internet Bank.
  • 444 5666 Call Center.
  • Closest Branch To You.
What can I do in situation of complaining my account information table?

When you have a complaint for account information table expenses, phone to Albaraka Türk 444 5 666 or go to closest branch with a signed petition with the regarding expenses reason and you can transmit your problem to our customer representative by using call center that is in service for 7/24.

Your complaint application will be investigated carefully and the result will be informed to you in shortest time.

Can I give automatic payment directive?

If you did not give automatic payment directive in your first application of credit card,

You have to come to our closest bank branch or internet banking;
Deliver credit card customer demand information form and give it to branch authorized and

Fill the directive form at the back of account information form and send it to credit cards center..

Can I change my payment due date?

You can change your payment due date by the channels below:

  • Internet Banking,
  • 444 5 666 call center,
  • Closest Branch.
What can I do when my credit card is lost or stolen?

When your credit card is lost or stolen, please inform this situation to call Albaraka Türk 444 5 666 to the customer representative urgently.

What can I do when my just additional card is lost or stolen?

When your additional credit card is lost or stolen, please inform this situation to call Albaraka Türk 444 5 666 to the customer representative urgently.

Can I use my credit card that is stolen or lost when I found it?

Your all credit cards that are informed to be lost or stolen are taken into “find list” for preventing bad uses and the card is immediately closed for usage. So, you cannot use your lost or stolen credit card when you found it. You can both cut the cards for demolishing or you can transmit these cards to our bank branches by opening a hole on it.

What can I do for taking a new credit card?

When you inform that your credit card is lost or stolen, if you transmit your new card demand to our authorized staff, a new card will be prepared with a new number and sent to your address in shortest time. If your lost your credit card abroad, you must call 444 5 666 Albaraka Türk call center. You can also demand a new card by the master / visa offices in your country.

How can I take an additional card?

If you do not have additional card demand during your application, and if you demand an additional card to your relatives, you have to come to the Albaraka Türk branch and fill additional card form.

What can I do when my credit card is damaged?

When your credit card is damaged, go to closest Albaraka Türk branch and fill credit card / additional card change form then hole your credit card from magnetic line and deliver it to our branch. Or, make your damaged card as unusable situation and send it to our credit cards center. Your new credit card will be sent to you in shortest time.

What can I do when there is a change in my personal information?

While using your credit card, if you do not want to have any problem, please send your name, surname address or such changes to our credit cards center as written way.

If you fill a customer demand form that you can obtain from our branch and send it to our credit cards center of our bank for your related changes, your demand will be taken into consideration in shortest time.

How can I learn the changes that are concerning the usage of my credit card?

The changes about the usage of your credit card will be informed to you by the statements table and other letters sent to you. Please read the statement and other letters carefully. Do not ignore learning your rights and obligations.

Who knows my password and to whom can I say it?

Nobody knows your password including out bank staff. Please do not say it to anybody. If someone learns it, go to closest bank urgently and take a new password. You can also change your password from the ATMs that has chip/PIN logo. The bank never requires your password. If your say your password to someone else, you will be under the treat of swindle and you will be responsible from your card when it is used out of your information.

Can I ask someone for entering my password form me?

No! Do not say it to anyone because of your security. Market staff and bank staff are also included to this.

If the password is loaded to my card, do thieves have chance to obtain it?

No! The password is loaded into the chip safely. It means, reaching to the password in the card is very difficult and when this is tried, the card has high possibility of having damage.