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Information Policies
Information Policies
Information Policies
Information Policies


Information Policies
Information Policies
Information Policies
Information Policies


The information policies have been established for Albaraka Türk Participation Bank AŞ to provide access to the correct, complete, concurrent and comprehensive information to its share-holders and stockholders (related parties) inclusive of the public.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the follow-up and revision of these policies. Albaraka Türk’s information policies are prepared and approved by the Board of Directors; they are submitted to shareholders, related parties (stockholders) and the public in general. Abiding by the regulations on public information, utmost care is to be paid to implementation of the Corporate Governance principles. New regulations and changes in the Information Policies are announced to public not later than a week’s time, and are uploaded to the web site of the Bank.


Principles Of Public Information

Aside from related rules and regulations, the basic principles exercised by Albaraka Türk for informing the public are described here under:

  • Independent audit reports on the Bank and the financial reports (together with their footnotes & remarks) that are prepared quarterly and annually in accordance with the prevailing legislation are submitted to concerning authorities in due time. These reports are announced to public through Bank’s web site.
  • In the headoffice and branches of the Bank all kinds of information about the General Assembly of shareholders are kept accessible by shareholders and the public. They are communicated to all stockholders of the Bank through its internet site. The minutes of these meetings are also announced through the web site to all related parties.
  • Following the annual ordinary general assemblies, the chairman of the Board of Directors and/or the general manager of the Bank holds a press conference where the results of the Bank that were achieved in the last year are reviewed; or, a press release is to be issued containing the overall evaluation of the past year.
  • Explanatory notes on special cases are prepared and submitted to the concerned public authorities as required by the capital market regulations which the Bank is subject to; these are also announced by the web site of the Bank.
  • Detailed information and data are announced to public according to Corporate Governance Codes, in the Turkish and English pages about Investor Relations of the Bank’s web site.
  • The investor relations department of the Bank coordinates for the quickest responses to all kind of questions originating from shareholders, investors and stockholders (related parties) that reach the Bank by e-mail, letter, telephone etc.
  • The financial statement on Profit Distribution is to be included in the annual report and announced to public.
  • The information submitted to the public opinion about the future prospects of the Bank, inclusive of its financial statements and their footnotes, are to be elaborated by the facts and statistical data on which they are based. The financial position and operational results of the Bank are to be linked with the information thus submitted. When understood that such statements about future plans cannot be achieved, then new information and reports are to be announced to public in the shortest time-frame together with their reasons.
  • When the Bank is acknowledged of baseless (untrue) news strolling through the market like gossip, rumor etc, or, when verification is required by the CMB or ISE, or when deemed necessary by the Bank’s management, explanation is to be made to the public.
People Authorized To Make Public Announcements

The press-releases for the visual and printed media channels and data diffusion channels like the Reuters, Forex, etc are to be announced by the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman (at his absence), the General Manager or Deputy/Acting General Manager (at his absence), Assistant GMs, or the Public Relations Unit of the Bank. No other staff member in Albaraka Türk Participation Bank (except above-mentioned signatories) is authorized to reply the queries from participants in the capital market, unless he/she is authorized particularly. On the other hand, all questions which are asked by our shareholders and stockholders (related parties) by means of e-mail / phone / letter etc are to be replied by Investor Relations Dept of the Bank.


Means Of Information
  • Web Site
    Web site of the Bank is utilized effectively for informing our shareholders, investors and the public in general. The information, desired to be presented in the web site according to Codes of Corporate Governance, is to be kept there regularly updated in English & Turkish.
  • Annual Report
    Annual report of the Bank is prepared in accordance with the banking legislation, the capital market legislation and the Codes of Corporate Governance. Apart from Turkish, the annual report is also prepared in English in order to be supplied to foreign investors. The last two years’ annual reports are to be kept in the web site of the Bank.
  • Meetings With Investors And Shareholders
    Based on demands of its shareholders or investors and the Board of Directors, the Bank may arrange meetings with them after the reporting periods for enlightening them. In these meetings, the questions raised in those meetings are to be responded in details, provided that commercially they are not secret.
  • Media and press releases
  • Commercial registry gazette; other newspapers
  • News channels ( Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Foreks, etc.)
  • Communication channels like electronic mail, fax, mail, phone, etc.