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Working at Albaraka Türk
Working at Albaraka Türk
Working at Albaraka Türk

Being the pioneer in its sector, Albaraka Türk is preferred by both new graduates and professional staff due to its corporate organization structure, personal benefits and training opportunities.

Working at Albaraka Türk
Working at Albaraka Türk
Working at Albaraka Türk
Working at Albaraka Türk

The human values policy of our bank is based on to ensure a healthy working environment, to develop team work, to ensure staff improve themselves through training programs, to have a just salary system and to employ qualified and efficient staff in each position.

83% of the bank’s employees are university graduates and the average of age is 32.

Process of Hiring

The following qualifications are necessary to apply for a job at Albaraka Türk except for auxiliary services.

  • To be a university graduate (Of a department related to banking)
  • Not to be older than 28.
  • To have finished military service (for male candidates)

Candidates having the qualifications above are given a test when there is vacancy and those passing the test are invited for an interview. Candidates are employed in accordance with the requirements of the position they applied for depending on the result of the interview.

Opportunities For Training

Each employee that starts to work at Albaraka Türk is trained to know the bank first. Then, they are given trainings related to occupational information.

During about half of the year, training courses involving primarily authorized personnel are given.

The content of the training program is determined depending on the responsibility of the personnel and the career planning.

Personal Benefits

Apart from monthly salaries, our employees are entitled to receive three salaries as bonus in a year. Besides, there are social benefits like, marriage benefit, maternity benefit, clothing benefit, foreign language (English) benefit, travel and food allowances

Apart from SGK, through a private insurance company that our bank made a contract, our bank meets the health expenses made in a hospital or at a doctor’s within certain limits. Health insurance includes the spouse and children too.

Career Opportunities

Every employee that completes the period determined at the Albaraka Türk Personnel Regulation can take promotion exams. In the promotion system, to pass the exam, to be successful in the performance assessment, not to have any drawback to be promoted in terms of discipline are the necessary conditions. In addition, the trainings that an employee receives are taken into consideration in the promotions.

Social Facilities

Excursions, dinners, sports tournaments are organized in order to consolidate friendship among our employees and to contribute to team spirit.