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It performs off-branch (ATMs, the internet, Mobile Banking, Call Center, web site etc.) activities of management of sales and service processes and development of technical infrastructure, determining the alternative distribution channels strategy and plan, monitoring and managing the profitability of the channels, conducting the activities/campaigns towards increasing the usage of the channels, improving product and service processes in channels and determining the pricing policies specific to channels.
It performs the logging in the customer information into the system and updating, consummation of all EFTs received by the customers, collective EFTs, lump-sum payments of salaries, incoming and outgoing all money transactions via transfer and other methods in accordance with banking customaries and in-bank regulations, performing all cheque, bill and exchange transactions and payments in a proper way, replying account investigations and notices of levies, operation transactions of all insurance transactions, domestic incoming/outgoing EFTs/transfer transactions.
It evaluates private loans, micro loans and credit card requests within the limits of Banking crediting principles and applicable law, submits them to the related credit committees and concludes these requests. It conducts the activities of revision, cancellation and changing the warranty terms of the current credit decisions. It conducts the process regarding the conducting of the assignment activities of private loans, micro loans and credit cards and makes the necessary arrangements in accordance with the Banking regulation.
It performs activities of managing private portfolios and CRM and campaign activities, managing the segment sales and marketing activities, forming sales plans specific to lower segments, division of the targets between main segment and lower segment levels, increasing customer cross-sales, loyalty and profitability with CRM works, organizing campaigns specific to segments.
It performs activities of development and management of products towards the needs of private segments, determining the product development needs of private segments, providing product development by working in coordination with the related Information Technologies unit, designing the product processes and documents, determining the segment based internal prices of the products, making agreements towards working efficiently with the Insurance and Individual Pension Companies in accordance with the strategic targets and providing the management of relations, providing the integration of the Insurance and Individual Pension products/services and processes to our Bank, providing product information and trainings.
IT provides the effective and continuous works of software and hardware systems, and manages patches, versions and configurations. It provides precision and efficiency of the communication infrastructure consisting of local network, the internet and operator systems. It answers to the requests of business units about hardware and package software requests. It provides the effective operation of the IT help desk. It maintains proper operation of the system updates, back-up processes, systems to be activated in case of emergencies, it performs uploading and penetration tests. It provides the effectiveness of the testing environments, manages the server and the system room. It performs the tasks of installing the mechanism that will provide information and system security.
It generates the information technologies strategy in conformity with the banking strategy. It makes plans according to the needs of IT and the bank. It constitutes the IT budget and monitors it. It establishes service level agreements between the IT units, it makes the performance measurements. It constitutes and manages the corporate architectural structure, constitutes and manages the data, the process and the ownership of the program. It constitutes the information security politics and supports the constitution of the necessary infrastructure. It provides the accuracy of the banking reports and manages reporting requests, conducts the tasks and the operations of business intelligence and data mining engineering. It provides the operability of the IT processes in conformity with the laws, applicable laws, international standards and in-bank regulations and rules. It determines and manages the IT risks, it provides overcoming the findings in the audits of the information systems.
It conducts the reports required by the management, operational or legislation from a centralized structure. It establishes an effective Management Reporting System in our bank. It develops an analysis capacity that could support the strategic planning in our bank. It provides the effective and consistent preparation of our bank’s budget. It provides the preparation of the financial reports. It prepares and monitors the Annual Cost Budget. It provides conducting of the reports of financial data and the works about the Independent Audit for Public, Top Management and ABG.
Within the scope of our bank’s basic strategies and politics, it provides the regulating and performing the services towards external transactions like any kind of exports, imports, invisible transactions, external warranties and letters of guarantees to be given based on these, foreign exchange transactions and capital movements etc. in accordance with the Turkish Republic Laws and regulations and international laws and tendencies.
It performs the necessary works for determining the training needs, creating the training plans for the purpose of supporting the professional and the personal growth of the bank personnel, satisfying the training needs by organizing in-bank trainings or by means of participating in out-bank trainings. It performs the planning, research-development and documentation works to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of the bank’s organization structure and business processes. It constitutes the organizational schemes, job definitions and norm staffs of Units/Branches. It performs the Banking Automation Systems menu authorization operations in conformity with the duties of employees. It manages the Change Management, Document Management, Corrective Preventive Measures and Suggestions System and Forum applications to implement and develop the ISO 9001 Quality Management System effectively.
It arranges any kind of corporate relations with our corresponding banks closely in accordance with i) reciprocity principle, (ii) current local legislation, (iii) preventive measures against laundering national illicit money and supporting of terrorism, (iv) KYC (Know-Your-Customer) politics (v) MASAK, FATF, OFAC and BM Security Council decisions and subsequently provides positive added value in terms of quality and quantity for the brand recognition of our Bank in international financial environments. Correspondingly, it performs the macro-focused marketing activities that are necessary in the eye of potential corresponding banks by rending the foreign trade and international banking activities of our bank and corporate customers to be performed in optimum time and cost, and arranges the necessary activities to freshen the relations between the current corresponding banks. It performs R&D activities towards the inclusion of the new instruments to the current banking product portfolio in accordance with the interest-free banking basis, it provides the diversification of the funding sources of the bank with operations of the new investment instruments like Usury Syndication, Lease Certificate, Wakala, Tavarruk. It acts as an intermediary for the foreign based (Usury, ECA, ITFC, SEP etc.) business credits to satisfy the medium and long term financial needs of our corporate customers.
Treasury Marketing department is the unit that aims at and provides using our Bank’s current funds in the most efficient way and within the scope of politics to be determined in a centralized structure in accordance with the contemporary banking approach with the purpose of harmonizing with the current economical environment and the developments in the world. The fundamental objective of the unit is the management of our Bank’s assets and liabilities in a best way. To arrange incoming and outgoing TL and foreign currency amounts of the Bank by following the cash flow of the Bank and foreign currency position within the scope of current legislations and general strategies and politics of the Bank; by keeping the amount of TL and foreign exchange currency at the requested levels and getting off the excess funds in the best profitable way, supplying the necessary sources with the lowest cost through money market operations, usage and management of the fixed-income instruments (Lease certificates) in accordance with our bank’s strategies in an effective way.
It performs the activities of taking protective and preventive necessary measures to provide the realization of the bank’s operations, actions and transactions in accordance with law, preparing of the necessary general regulative documents, consulting in legal issues and performing the necessary actions for the resolution of legal issues.
It performs all activities of carrying out all kinds of pursuance, lawsuits and other legal transactions for obtaining all rights and receivables of our bank, receivables submitted to the court in particular. In addition, it pursues the lawsuits against our Bank and provides the collection of the receivables submitted to legal pursuance in the fastest way.
It provides the systematic, efficient and effective performing of the bank activities in conformity with the management strategies and politics within the scope of current legislation and rules, the integrity and reliability of accounting and recording, timely attainability of the information in the data system. It constitutes the control systems and activities about the necessary rules to be applied.
It prepares the investment and business cost budgets regarding the unit operations and sends them to the related units. It takes the necessary measures towards the usage of the prepared budgets in accordance with the legal legislation, in-bank regulations, agreements about the service/product received, general applications determined by the management and the interests of the Bank. It supervises the usage of the confirmed budgets. It makes the maintenance, repair, service, purchase, modifications and rental contracts of the unit’s operational fields and supervises the suppliers within the scope of the signed contracts. It provides the necessary logistic support to the General Management Units and branches for maintaining continuous and good quality of the banking activities. It makes the arrangements about the social services provided for the bank employees. It conducts the operations like moving, renting, construction, modification, decoration in relation with the branch locations. It provides the efficient and continuous conducting of the internal services like security, cleaning, lightening of the General Management and branch service buildings and maintenance, repair services of any kind of properties. It purchases, stores and distributes any kind of products/services like inventories, tools, hardware, software, licenses, movables, stationaries, promotions, furniture etc. necessary for the General Management Units and branches within the determined budget and sources and within the scope of Purchase, Sales, Construction, Leasing, Services and Bidding Regulations and other legal legislations. It conducts incoming and outgoing documents and couriers of the General Management and the archiving and storing activities of the Bank. In accordance with 5188 Private Security Services Law, it conducts the security services. It plans and organizes in-bank and out-bank events like meetings, organizations etc.
It constitutes the basic personnel politics of the bank in accordance with the legal requirements and legislations about the recruitment and rights of the personnel with the purpose of conducting the banking activities in a continuous, efficient and effective way and provides the implementation of. It makes the necessary and appropriate personnel recruitment to create an effective human resources structure and to protect it, prepares and applies the necessary plan and program for recruitment. It provides personnel with all employee personal rights and performs all the realization works and conducts the activities of budgeting, charging and reporting.
The main function of the department is the activities like tracking all cash and non-cash credits after they have been allocated, by means of collecting or returning, until its liquidation or governmental or legal prosecution, reporting, interpreting, performing the trend analyses, delivering an opinion upon the need of the determination of the credit politics of the institution. It reports, analyses and interprets about the companies, credit portfolios and various trends to the top management of the bank. It works for solely or wholly pursuit of the transactions, recognition, reporting and resolving without getting involved with the credit processes. It follows the results of marketing and allocation activities, provides feedback reports to the related parties about these issues and determines the early warning signals and notifies the related organs and units on time. It develops the capabilities of the bank in collecting the early warning signals, determining and entreating in terms of credits and customers with credits and operates for building and maintaining an effective system in this respect. In addition, it performs the activities of managing the exposed risks of the bank, especially the credit risks, determining the risk politics, evaluation of the credit decisions within the framework of portfolio approach.
It provides the performing of the application of funds in accordance with the general legislation and in-bank regulations, conducting the operational credit activities in accordance with the strategies determined by the objectives and the politics of the bank, making all transactions regarding the credits controlled, manageable and error-free by compliance to all determined rules and procedures, increasing and maintaining the operational service quality, decreasing the operational costs by controlling and appropriate management of costs, valuation of the real estate properties that the funding of will be done and offered as pledges and provides meeting of the discharge requests of these properties.
It evaluates credit requests qualified as corporate, that can be defined as authorized credit, and exceeds the mercantile credit limit within the scope of bank principles and credit principles. It submits the credit offers for the approval of the Credit Committee or Board of Directors. It manages the activities of increasing the limits of current credits, cancellations, changing the warranty terms, converting to the group limit, assigning and rating. It plays an effective role in the constitution of the credit politics of the bank.
It creates the marketing actions and plans that will maximize the benefits of the Bank upon providing the current customer database with the right products, through right channels, at the right time, to the right customer in accordance with the segmentation and profitability model in conformity with the bank politics and strategy, notifies these to the branches, monitors the implementations by the branches, follows up the results and directs them. It is responsible from the management of corporate portfolios in the corporate branches and mixed branches.
The unit creates, develops and manages the communication strategies in accordance with the general objectives and politics of the bank. It coordinates the processes with the agencies and institutions carrying out the communication activities. It conducts, follows and supervises all advertisement and promotion activities regarding introducing our Bank in and out of the country in accordance with general and banking legislations. It submits the reports prepared regarding general advertisement and promotion activities to General Management within certain periods. It follows closely new advertisement and introduction approach in foreign countries and in Turkey, by following the industry closely, it makes suggestions to the General Management about the developments. It performs works about the corporate identity, standards and brand management. It makes supervisions about the proper use of the corporate identity standards. It conducts researches and surveys in the areas of advertisement, public relations and use of media towards in-bank and out-bank and submits the results as reports to the General Management.
It follows national and international legislation about banking accounting applications and makes the necessary arrangements about the amendments. It follows and examines the amendments of the banking applications of the tax legislation, and notifies the related Units and Branches when necessary. It establishes records for the operations that need accounting transactions about the activities of the units of general management. It prepares the statements and declares through electronic statement and pays for them, follows the conflicts in the eye of governmental or juridical authorities. It determines the daily unit value for the participation accounts and creates the expense accruals and rediscounts for the distributed profits of these accounts. It provides the Special Provision, General Provision and Probable Loss Provision to be recorded. It records and evaluates the Tangible/Intangible Fixed Assets in accounting.
With the purpose of designing, administration and coordination of the activities of prevention of laundering crime revenues and financing terrorism; it performs the tasks of constituting bank politics and procedures, informing the politics changes to the Financial Crime Investigation Board Department, conducting the activities of risk management, monitoring and controlling and reviewing the efficiency and reliability of these activities, conducting the training activities, constituting the necessary warning systems regarding the control and monitoring processes, installing systems for adopting of these and providing them to be operated, decreasing the risk of bank to suffer unexpected losses and to fall into positions that would ruin its reputation, realization of the problems that might cause losses before hand, eliminating deficiencies and making the arrangements, controlling the transactions whether they are performed in accordance with the crime revenues legislation or not, eliminating the deficiencies determined by the internal and external auditing authorities, monitoring and controlling, preparing the reports about the training and auditing activities, and submitting these to the Board of Directors.
It performs the necessary actions of conducting the operational transactions about the credit cards, POS and Alternative Distribution Channels (ATMs, the internet, telephone and mobile banking) and providing the necessary systematic support for conducting these operations (ATM systems support, kiosk system support, instant card issue support operation, call center support operation, sms and mobile banking system support operation etc.) in accordance with the current legislation and in-bank regulations, activities of recording, examining, directing of the notifications of our customers regarding our bank and final responding through the same channel the notification reaches the customer. It provides conducting of the operational activities in accordance with the bank objectives and politics, providing the transactions to be carried out with control and error-free and increasing the quality of the services depending upon the advancing technology, in addition, it provides all related services of the operational activities safely for both the bank and the customer and provides their costs to be controlled, performs the necessary actions about the increasing the customer satisfaction as results of effective management of customer complaints.
In accordance with our bank’s strategic plans, it provides the corporate report approach to reach to the unit and employee levels, determines and follows the personal performance criteria. It provides the talents to be raised within the bank in accordance with the necessary positions and the positions that will be necessary in the future, it manages the promotion process, helps employees with their career objectives. It manages the flow, the demand and the supply of talent. It performs works providing the right employee, to be in the right time, at the right place.
It performs the tasks of demand management, project and program management, efficient coordination with the business units, determination of requirements, analysis of users requests, feasibility and effects, IT source management, preparation of the users test scenarios and management of users test processes, following the processes of IT projects from the demand process to adapting to the real environment levels, preparation of users help manuals, preparation of the reports of process performance, source utilization and time management.
It performs administratively collecting and tracking of Bank receivables that are either problematic as results of unpaid credit debts of the customers or that have the probability of becoming problematic in the future before being forwarded to legal pursuit process. In cases in which the administrative pursuit will not become a solution or in necessary cases, it will lapse the receivable to the legal pursuit process. It reports the customers in administrative pursuit and the customers being forwarded to the legal pursuit. It provides safely and in-time collection of the bank receivables, it performs the management, the maintenance and the sales of the real estates, movables and vehicles that become the responsibility of the Bank.
It provides identification, measurement, monitoring and controlling of the exposed risks through politics, application methods and limits determined towards monitoring, controlling and changing if necessary the risk-return structure involved in the future cash flows of Albaraka Turk Katılım Bankası AS and correspondingly, the qualifications and levels of the activities.
It designs the steps of all works that are approved by the Board of Directors and/or The Strategic Planning Committee of the Bank under one roof. It provides the coordination of the projects that started. It provides the determination and budgeting of in-bank and out-bank resources, and the most productive use of them. It works in coordination with the project teams of the started projects towards common objectives. It evaluates the results of the project and reports to the Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee.
It provides assurance to the top management that the banking activities are conducted in accordance with law and other related legislations and with the bank’s strategy, politics, principles and objectives and the efficiency and proficiency of the internal control and risk management systems. For realization of this objective, it investigates and supervises all activities of bank, without any kind of in-institution restrictions, all units of the bank including the branches and general management units in and out of the country periodical and based on risks, revealing the deficiencies, errors and misuses, providing opinions and suggestions towards prevention of reoccurring of these and towards the effective and productive use of the bank resources and evaluating the accuracy and reliability of the information and reports submitted to Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and top management.
In accordance with the Banking Law, it evaluates the Credit Proposal Letters about the mercantile credits accepted as the Authorized Credit within the scope of the credit authority transferred to the General Management Credit Committee by the Board of Directors of the Bank in accordance with the banking legislation and credit politics of the Bank and submits to the approval of the General Management Credit Committee and Commercial Credits Committee. It performs the activities of revising the current credit limits, increasing them, changing the warranty terms, transferring them to another branch, cancellation or liquidating and rating. The branch, other than the authorized credit identification transferred by the General Management Credit Committee, monitors the implementation of the decisions made as the owner of the process about the authorized credits.
It creates the marketing actions and plans that will maximize the benefits of the Bank upon providing the current customer data base with the right products, through right channels, at the right time, to the right customer in accordance with the segmentation and profitability model in conformity with the bank politics and strategy, notifies these to the branches, monitors the implementations by the branches, follows up the results and directs them. With this purpose, it creates the sufficient and competent marketing teams within the units and branches, provides the marketing teams and branches objectives about the marketing activities, monitors their performances periodically and does the evaluations. In accordance with the general economical data and market conditions, it actively is involved in the pricing process. In accordance with the customer segmentation notes determined by the commercial marketing department, it provides each customer with the right pricing in accordance with their credibility and banking efficiency. By means of managing the obtained resources from domestic and foreign financial markets, it stays in coordination with other units to make it marketable. Towards customers, it creates the communication and marketing methods that must be followed during meetings, it notifies the branches and monitors its implementation. It tries to find reasonable solutions for the requests and complaints about the commercial products and services of the bank.
It performs the activities of determination of the product development needs towards corporate and commercial segments, providing product development in coordination with the related Information Technologies unit, designing the product process and documents, determination of the segment-based internal prices of the products, provides product information and training.
It approaches to the profit and loss participation in a special and focused way. It provides the structuring and monitoring of these projects. It turns the projects sent by branches and regional departments into Profit Loss Participation Investments Proposals and submits to the related committees. It monitors all processes of construction, production and structuring of the projects. It conducts the control activities directly or through Project Consultants and/or Real Estate Evaluation Service. It coordinates the credit risk monitoring activities and performs its transactions.
It informs the shareholders of the bank and the stock investors about the related topics, it coordinates the issues of capital increase and dividend distributions. It conducts the transactions about the CMB and ISE, Central Office of Record and Takasbank. It provides the necessary infrastructure and information flow in the decision processes of the bank budget, projection and strategies to be made by the Strategic Planning Committee. It monitors the process about the rating of the bank. It prepares reports and presentations about the activities of the Bank and its financial performance.
It performs the tasks of technical analysis of the software requests monitored by the project Management department; construction of the software architecture; providing the coding in accordance with the analyses and anticipated architect; providing the safety of coding; constituting an effective software development environment; providing the utilization of the software services obtained from outside, performing the software tests, preparation of the documents about the software, quickly correcting the errors occurred in the tests or afterwards.